Separated child Gulwali Passarlay, who fled Afghanistan aged 12, was chosen to carry Olympic Torch in Bolton, now aged 17.

Welcome to The Separated Child FoundationWelcome to The Separated Child Foundation


The Separated Child Foundation is travelling to Calais, to the ‘camp’ for separated children and young people, where it has distributed 200 Arrival Packs to date. It is the first time that Arrival Packs have travelled outside the UK and it reflects the escalating pressures of the current situation. We are pleased to be working with partner organisations in the sector.

Your donations are being turned into a tangible, humane act that makes a difference to some of the most vulnerable in our community.


We have three residential planned for the summer. Two are at the Quadrangle and one is at the Magdalen in Somerset.

Imagine having to flee your homeland because of war, terror or persecution. Imagine being a child or young person. Imagine not having your parents with you because they were killed before you left or were unable to leave. Imagine arriving in a strange country, seeking asylum, completely alone. Imagine having absolutely nothing.

Separated children and young people experience the double trauma of separation not only from their homeland, culture and natural environment but also from the adults in their family who gave them care.

'Separated Child' offers emotional, social, financial and physical support to separated children and young people in Britain up to the age of 21. It also engages in educational activities that raise awareness of their needs and encourage positive responses to them.

Trustee Angela Gluck set herself the £he €o$t of Refuge challenge of eating on £2 a day, roughly what an asylum seeker has to live on. She blogged about the experience and also reflects on what it meant in a conversation with Gloria Abramoff, filmed by Tonic Media and Productions.


We are grateful to The Big Yellow Self Storage at Staples Corner for generously supporting our Arrival Packs project.

We partner with The Refugee Council  iin a range of initiatives that make a real difference to the lives of separated children and young people.




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